NB! Have a look at the following two blog post from my other blog, investigatingpoirot.blogspot.com as well: 'The Apartment in Text and on Screen' and 'The Apartment on Screen: 1989-2001 v. 2005-present'. I've expanded what I've written and posted here.

While I was ’researching’ for the chronology of episodes, I decided it would be fun to try and get an overview of Poirot’s flat; where the different rooms are situated, what objects are present, differences between episodes etc. On this little additional page, I want to give a general presentation (in pictures) of the layout of 56B, Whitehaven Mansions – as it appears in the older and the newer episodes

As a visitor to Poirot’s flat, what you would first encounter is the building itself. The producers of the Poirot series chose Florin Court, Charterhouse Square, London as the location of the apartment building.They shot the building continuosly for 48 hours and used the shots for at least 15 years. As Poirot moved into another flat in the same building (2005/2006-season), the production team presumably went back and shot a new set of clips of the building. Notice the fact that the screencap to the right ( of the newer episodes, furthest below) is essentially the same shot as the one next to it, just with computer-edited 'darkness'. Interesting!

Once you’d pressed the doorbell of 56B, you would (in most cases) be greeted by Miss Lemon in the early years and by George in the most recent episodes. Once inside, you would hang your coat and hat on the hall stand and be showed into the office/living room/dining room of the flat. 

In addition to the building, the hallway and the living room, there are (at least) four rooms in the 'old' flat you would probably not see when visiting the flat; the bathroom, the bedroom, the kitchen and Miss Lemon's office. Interestingly, these rooms appear to have changed layout quite frequently throughout the series (see pictures). I guess this is because the production team only built the sets they needed for every season. In  the 'new' flat, we have only seen Poirot's bedroom. A kitchen, a bathroom or George's room have not (and probably will not) appear on screen.

I find it facinating that the similarities between the 'old' and the 'new' apartment are surprisingly many. The living room has essentially the same layout, with a dining area and a sitting area - only the 'office' and the bookshelves have been provided with a separate room. The hallway is remarkably similar as well, with two doors leading into the living room and several other doors coresponding quite well with the doors of e.g. the kitchen, the bedroom and the bathroom. The only significant addition, really, seems to be the 'library'/'office'. Finally, both apartments are admiringly faithful to Agatha Christie's descriptions in the novels, as well as the Florin Court/Whitehaven Mansions exterior.













  1. Wonderful photos. The set design is simply beautiful. I'm going to borrow elements of the design for my own house. Thanks for posting these.

    1. You're welcome! Glad you liked them. The set design is absolutely fantastic. I think Jeff Tessler is the most recent set designer on the show. He's the one who designed Poirot's new and "updated" home. I would certainly not mind having a flat like Poirot's!

  2. I am in love with the art deco furniture. Thanks so much for posting these photos. Now I have to find a door for my living room that won't cost an arm and a leg. I wonder what happens to the set now that the series has ended.

  3. Thank you for posting these pictures. Especially for the "new" living room + sitting area. Katarzyna.

    1. You're welcome. Pleased to hear that you enjoy them. There are some more pictures over at my other blog: http://investigatingpoirot.blogspot.no/2012/05/apartment-on-screen-1989-2001-v-2005.html.

  4. I so enjoyed these photographs. Thank you for taking the time to post them.

    Jane Winter

  5. I own the hall mirror and stand shown in the picture above..it has been in my hall for a few years now, due to redecorating it is time for it to go, if anybody is interested in buying send me an email on sevltd@btconnect.com

  6. Thanks so much for the great photos of Poirot's apartments/interiors especially the photos of the burnt orange lounge suite. I have been searching for ages to find those images and started to think I had imagined the lounge suite as I could not find a photo anywhere, so I appreciate your posting.

  7. Some may be interested to know that Whitehaven Mansions (Florin Court in the real world) is built on the site of numbers 6 to 9 Charterhouse Square. In 1824 a Mrs Boyes kept a lodging house at number 9 for three day boys who attended the nearby Charterhouse School. They were Richmond Shakespear (about whom I am writing a book), his brother George and their cousin William Makepeace Thackeray the novelist. www.michaelgreening.com

  8. The last picture you posted for the kitchen is not Whitehaven Mansions, but rather the home that Poirot retires to, as seen at the beginning of The Murder of Roger Ackroyd. Just thought you'd want to know.

    1. I know! I simply wanted to include all the places Poirot has lived in. But thanks for pointing it out, I should have left a reference to that somewhere :)

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  38. The last photo of the kitchen is actually the kitchen in Japps House not Poirot's flat.